The Contemporary Literary and Artistic Culture Unit was established in 2007 as part of the activities of the Institute of European Culture at the Polish University Abroad in London (PUNO). It was founded in response to the growing need to examine the whole range of artistic and cultural structures created in exile in the context of their dialogue with European and world aesthetics. It carries out a programme of particular cognitive and cultural value, equipping PUNO’s students with knowledge related to Polish cultural tradition (including literary and artistic tradition). Apart from individual research, the Unit’s employees often carry out their own artistic activities, fitting in with the landscape of their analyses. Among the leading themes is the search for thematic and aesthetic links between Polish artists (musicians, writers, visual artists, filmmakers, etc.) and anthropological threads known in the culture of various nations. The research reflection includes topics on the border of semiotics of culture, art history, music studies, literature studies, interpersonal communication and the anthropology of new media. Academic teachers, who constitute the scientific and didactic staff of the Unit, conduct classes, among others, as part of the Course of Polish Culture, activities of the University of the Third Age, open lectures, prepare conference and inaugural lectures and occasional laudations. The Unit’s activities also include post-graduate studies for teachers of Polish language and culture outside Poland. These Studies are organized by the Polish Educational Society, University of Lodz and PUNO. The Unit also offers various workshops and academic courses in the field of artistic culture. There is also a Laboratory of Lingua-Branding, which deals with interdisciplinary research on human behaviour in the network in terms of the influence of audiovisual language with respect to cultural differences.